Creating a trip report is easy. You don't have to be a fully fledged travel editor and writer. Just be authentic and share your amazing cycling experience.

The Basics

  1. Click the "Create Listing" button
  2. Select the "Trip Report" category.
  3. Complete the fields on the trip report form
  4. Save your trip report
  5. Add your GPX file
  6. Relate your trip report to other listings on CycleLifeHQ

The Long Description Field

The long description field allows your to add all the exciting details about your cycling trip. You can do many things with the long description field including

  • basic formatting such as H1, H2, bold, italics.
  • embed Youtube videos
  • embed Doarama clips of your ride
  • embed other CycleLifeHQ listings¬†

Adding the Map for your trip report

After you save your listing, you simple select the "Add GPX file" for your listing. The listing will then show the map of your ride, including elevations and automatically show any related listings that are in CycleLifeHQ.

Adding related listing

You can add as many related listing sections to the bottom of your listing as you like. This is useful if you want to identify places to eat or drink that are already on CycleLifeHQ. If the establishment you want to showcase is not on CycleLifeHQ, let us know by using the contact us button and we will get the team onto it.

How do you create multi-day trip reports

My preferred way of creating multi-day trip reports is to do the following

  1. create a trip report for each day of your journey that your rode and that you have a GPX file for. 
  2. create a master trip report that highlights the itinerary for your entire trip in the long description field. Use the Embed feature to embed each of your day trips in the long description. You can also use the related listing feature to add each consecutive day so that it is easy for users to navigate between days of your trip.

What makes a great trip report

  1. Great photos
  2. Unique insights about the location you cycled that other cyclists like yourself would find useful.
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