Once you have subscribed as a CycleLifeHQ Business or Premium Business, go back to our home page.
On the top right hand side of the screen is an orange button 'Create a listing'. Click this button which will take you to this page.
From here, you can select the type of business you wish to list: tour, bike hire, accommodation, services, food and drink, and more.
You then have further options to identify how your business will be displayed to bicycle tourists, and how bookings may be made: either through link to your website, or through booking direct from the CycleLifeHQ platform.
Through the “Book Now” and “Register” buttons, you may select from the types to include a price “per party”; or on an individual basis.
The next page is where you can provide a title, business url, captivating images, description and other information to help bicycle tourists find you.

If you have multiple services and products available for purchase, we recommend you create a new listing for each one. Not only will this make you more prominent on our marketplace, but it will also make it even easier for cyclists to book their experience with you.

We request that you always respond promptly to any queries and messages you receive.

Please be advised that CycleLifeHQ reserves the right to close a business listing if we believe it is no longer valid, if it does not meet our quality standards, or for another reason as determined by, and at the discretion of, site administrators.

We also have more information about listing your business on this page

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